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Good day and welcome, my precious children!
What a joyous time to be alive, in mere minutes you'll be able to feast your eyes and ears upon Team Z2's latest creations.
And it, ofcourse, is I! The Great All-Powerful Wizard Babidi!

Sprited by Daeron and Balthazar
Coded by Xgargoyle
Voiced by ShockDingo
additional help from Iced, Cybaster, Alex Sinigagla, Smurfyeah, Websta.

Hmmmm oh by the way, Majin Vegeta is also released,
along with an updated (including a completely revamped spriteset, no big whoop) Normal Vegeta!
Grab all three of them below and enjoy! Yes!

Babidi Z2:

Majin Vegeta Z2:

(updated) Normal Vegeta:

If you want to use the merged Vegeta, which contains both Normal and Majin Vegeta in one character,
use the download link on either Normal or Majin Vegeta's character pages, just below the four images.
Instructions on how to install him/them are included.
You can choose to put 2 defs and thus create 2 character slots, or choose Normal/Majin Vegeta based on palette selection.
The only downside to this would be that they share the same big portrait.

Also, be sure to delete your current Vegeta before installing the new one to prevent any issues from occuring.

Comments and feedback are very much welcomed!

Babidi is lacking in palettes. We need palettes. Please give us palettes.

Team Z2

ps. don't forget to check out our new HDBZ subforum: