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Shinnok für MKP4.1 (by borg117 & Simpliband)
« am: 31. Dezember 2011, 23:11:43 »
Hallo Leute zum Ende des Jahres hat borg117 Shinnok für MKP released. Ich weiss das wir hier in einem deutschsprachigen Board sind, dennoch habe ich mir erlaubt den Original Post von borg (natürlich mit Erlaubnis) hier rein zu kopieren.

Ein frohes neues Jahr wünsche ich schon mal vorab an alle.

Der Original Post von Borg:
Hi people, me and Simpliband have started making MKM based character Shinnok some time ago. Simpli did the sprite ripping while i did all the rest.
Shinnok had a few movements only in original, so the MKP character relies on sprite editing strongly. As you will see, Shinnok is a boss character with abnormal and unstandard physics and battle strategies. As it recalls from MKM, his energy shield was your main headache, also multiple fireballs kept you in a distance. All of these will be implemented. MK4 Shinnok failed completely, being a copy of Shang Tsung, ignoring Shinnok's true power. MKM design'n'powers + MK4 finishers + MKA unique special moves = the current release.

His moves are:
MKM base:
- Fireball [B,B,LP]
- Double fireball [B,B,F,LP]
- Amulet fireball [B,F,HP]
- Eye laser [D,B,HK]
- Shield (as block)
MKA base:
- Fiend summon [B,B,F,LK]
- Tricky portal [D,B,LK]
- Armageddon fist [D,B,HP]

from basic moves he can use punch (like that of Shao Kahn), regular "kick" (weapon attack), sweep and uppercut. as a "huge" boss character, he does not fall after some attacks performed on him and is immune to throws.



<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Download link:
Important credits:
- Simpliband for ripping sprites
- TetraVega for making the props of Amulet staff
- behzad for the picture used in intro
- MugenFury and Rugal2 for basis used for ending

Read the "credits" file to see all the credits and to learn some things about adjusting this character's AI level
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Antw: Shinnok für MKP4.1 (by borg117 & Simpliband)
« Antwort #1 am: 01. Januar 2012, 19:43:30 »
wow da steckt sicher ne Menge arbeit drin!
Haben sie ja echt hinbekommen den Shinnok!